A slip

A slip of a promise
had already fractured her soul.
Shattered, broken
behind her smile
She masked her pain.
It took an accidental slip
for the world to see
She was broken!
The mental and physical agony
was her twin flame,
that flickered brightly
lighting her dark world.
She was the runner
Pain, the chaser.
As She embraced it passionately,
It stopped hurting.
Now, they were ONE
Pain was her true love.






life path


On the path of life

Meet yourself, time and again

Remove your masks

Accept your shadow side

Be brave to share your story


As I watch the drizzle on a terribly cold day. I see the greens around me. The plants accepting the cold rain on its leaves smilingly, The ants crawling for a crumb, The newly born wet puppies cuddling each other. My thoughts travelled to how come, none of them are complaining. They all are living yet no complains. The next question that popped into my mind was, Why can’t I also live like them, free of complains & with acceptance. Why can’t I have the strength to forget my miseries and count my blessings. Why do I want a life free of pains? Why can’t I be friends with my mind?

It is my worst enemy. It always controls me, It is my master. It makes me imagine the worst.

I need to remember that as pleasures of life never remain forever so shall the pain also not remain.

The night is darker and longer but soon I shall see the daylight. The Sun shall shine and bring warmth with it.

Many situations are beyond my control. Fate can spoil many a careful plan.But I need to find strength to face it.

Nature has provided me with a reservoir of patience, tolerance and energy. I just have to delve deep within to find them.



love sarcasmYou opened the door

I came to you

I searched for love

But lo! What I found

You were empty

You were loveless

You were struggling for Love

So before I left

I gave you love

Love that was overflowing from me

Now You are filled

You no longer need me

Keep my love with YOU

So that You will be true

At least to your Lover, Old or New.